Edi Lambert carry out research and development  projects with the collaboration of internationally reknowned Universities:


International Center of numerical engineering methods. CIMNE is an autonomous Research and Development center focused on promoting advancements in the development and application of numerical and engineerieng methods and computing techniques for improving engineering problems in an international level.


Since 2009, Edi Lambert and CIMNE collaborate tightly in the application of simulation methods in the field of composites. In cooperation with CIMNE, Edi Lambert is developing new experimental and numerical tools for the new materials design.

Microelectronic center of Barcelona. IMB-CNM is the greatest Spanish microelectronic research and development center. Their activities are also focused in the field of integrated nanosystems. Edi Lambert performs activities in the development, improvement and thermal characterisation of dissipating electronic substrates in which IMB-CNM cooperates by means of contrating:


  • Thermal conductivity testing
  • SAM
  • SEM
  • Thermographies
  • PCB Demonstrators


IQS is one of the most prestige University centers in the academic and scientific field, both in national and international level. IQS belongs to Ramon Llull University, imparting chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and administration and business management degrees.   

IQS cooperates with Edi Lambert in research and development of new materials: 

  • Formulation and development of adhesives and composites
  • Surface engineering
  • New manufacturing technologies
  • Life cycle management
  • New materials characterisation

Fundacion CIM, located in the Tecnological Park in Barcelona, is recognized as a reference center in the scope of production technologies, developing technological transfer projects, research and training activities in the industrial environment.

Between others, they have the following laboratories:

  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Rapig Prototyping
  • Metrology
  • Industrial automation
  • Electronics