Last September the 26th, 2011 Edi Lambert S.L., Catalan consultant company, specialised in the technology transfer of materials and manufacturing processes, coordinated a visit to CNM (National Centre of Microelectronics) with technical and commercial responsible from the company SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY CO, one of the worldwide leaders in copper clad laminate manufacturing. The responsible for the thermal management analysis, Dr Xavier Jordà, showed the facilities and laboratories. Oscar Fruitos from CIMNE (International Centre of Numerical Engineering Methods) also participated in the meeting. Different thermal characterization techniques and microscopic equipments used in the development of thermal substrates as IMS (Insulated metal substrates) were presented. The visit to CNM, together with the meeting that took place in IQS with the participation by CIMNE and Fundació CIM, is part of different initiatives coordinated by Edi Lambert to study future R&D collaborations with the Chinese company.



On 27th September 2011 took place a meeting at IQS, coordinated by the Company Edi Lambert S.L, Catalan consultant company specialized in technology transfer of materials and manufacturing processes, with SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., a world leader in the manufacture of laminated high performance printed circuit boards. The meeting was attended, by Drs Salvador Borrós, Guillermo Reyes and Andres Garcia of the Department Industrial Engineering, Oscar Fruitós of CIMNE and Oriol Fonollosa of CIM Foundation, the Edi Lambert technical staff and technical and marketing SHENGYI managers. The objective of the meeting was to study future projects collaborations in R & D in the field of the application of FEM simulation programs for the development of materials with high thermal conductivity and improved multilayer copper clad laminates with high thermo-mechanical requirements. Several promising lines of actions in R & D were proposed, covering from the search for solutions to problems of low reliability of electronic circuits, made with the new generation of halogen free copper clad laminates, to the development of insulating substrates able to resist high temperatures, to be used in microelectronics applications designed for Aeronautical or Automotive markets.