Edi Lambert provides consulting services in the design, development and improvement of laminates and composites, both in technical assistance and the adquisition of raw materials, components and manufacturing equipment and control; optimizing the quality and profitability of all production processes.


Our team has extensive experience in the field of laminates for different applications:


Copper clad laminates for printed circuits boards (Cu-Clad)

  • IMS Insulated metal substrate»)
  • FR-4
  • CEM-3
  • CEM-1
  • FR-2
  • Flexible laminates
  • Thick copper laminates («Thick copper»)
  • Laminates for dielectric and strutural applications
  • Dielectric laminates based on mica
  • Decorative laminates and «Flooring»


Materials supplying: Technical assistance in the purchasing of raw materials and components for the manufacturing of laminates and printed circuit boards. Optimisation of quality and profitability of production process.

  • Chemicals
  • Supports
  • Copper
  • Foils
  • Reagents and components for the PCB manufacturing


Consultancy on the design and machinery construction: Edi Lambert has first quality machinery manufacturer partners for the following application fields:

  • Treating machines
  • Coating machines
  • Pressing machines
  • Painting lines

The projects are analyzed, developed and managed in an integral way providing high value to all manufacturing processes.